June 12 – 15
June 12 – 15
Hidden Layers
AI & Design Conference
June 12 – 15, 2024
School of Design


Save the Date - Hidden Layers: AI & Design Conference 2024

Köln International School of Design will host the second edition of its Hidden Layers conference from June 12-15 in Cologne, Germany. The event brings together a diverse group of experts to collectively discuss and learn about artificial intelligence in design. Organized by the research project KITeGG on design and AI, it combines a public program of talks, an exhibition and workshops with internal meetings of the five art and design schools involved in the project.

Attendance is free (no registration required) and the public program will run from , to .


Köln International School of Design (TH Köln), Ubierring 40, 50678 Cologne

Thematically, Hidden Layers addresses the black boxes of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) from a design perspective. What are the aesthetics, potentials, serendipities, biases, and dangers we find inside the hidden layers of deep neural networks and buried in big training data? How can we empower designers to build and use machine learning systems? How do we support a design practice that understands not only how to use these systems, but also why and when to use them – and when not to? The conference approaches these questions by focusing on two thematic threads: "AI, Code & Material" explores the entanglements of AI, objects, and people, with particular attention to the integration of product design, embedded AI systems, and new forms of use. "AI, Society & (Visual) Culture" seeks to reflect on the changes in the way we work and live that are affected by AI – from changes in cultural production and creative practices to changes in how we design the lives and labor of others.

Organized by KITeGG Members

Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig, Matthias Grund, Jakob Kilian & Dzennifer Zachlod

Hidden Layers Student Team

Aileen Estrada Sanchez, Lukas Martin Besch, Citraningsih Sophia Amongsari, Carmen Alina Schneider, Christian Wild von Hohenborn, Fabiane Alves de Lima, Ida Libourkine, Katrina Kizenbaha, Melissa Mattos de Oliveira, Patricio Javier Artengo Aguado, Phillip Schulz, Tyanka Demyanka Adrian, Tom Konstantin Thielen, José Antonio Avila Villegas, Arda Kertmen & Annika Walter supervised by Leon Schniewind