June 12 – 15
June 12 – 15
Hidden Layers
AI & Design Conference
June 12 – 15, 2024
School of Design


Wednesday, June 12
  1. Exhibition
    Dark Ecology: Artificial Nature
Thursday, June 13
  1. Welcome Address
    Prof. Dr. Gerd Sadowski, Prof. Andreas Wrede, Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig, Matthias Grund
  2. Publication Launch & Previews
    (Un-)learn AI, rrrrflect Special Issue & Others
  3. Lunch Break
  4. Workshops
    Conrad Weise & Kjell Wistoff: CLOUDS ARE NOT AN OPTION
    Laura Wagner: Stable Diffusion dis-confusion
    Jasmin Riebel: DIVE IN – A collaborative workshop using tangible tools for value-centered problem exploration in the context of AI development
  5. Talk
    Joana Moll: Inanimate Species
  6. Talk
    Claudia Sevivas: Encountering New Bodily Propositions: Humans & AI
  7. Coffee Break
  8. Talk
    Maria-Teresa de Rosa Palmini: Surface Aesthetics and Prompting in AI-Generated Art
  9. Break
  10. Workshop Results
  11. Performance
    Ralf Baecker: A Natural History of Networks/Softmachine
  12. Social Gathering & Spatial Experience
    Motion Experience Lab @ (A)Idle Mode – performative media installations
Friday, June 14
  1. Welcome, Day II
  2. Talk
    Silvio Lorusso: Deepdreaming Willy Wonka: AI Weird as the New Kitsch
  3. Lunch Break
  4. Talk
    Pamela C. Scorzin: Artificial Intelligence and the Arts: The AI robot as a creative Co-bot?
  5. Talk
    Roland Meyer: It’s a flat world. The Synthetic Realities of AI Video
  6. Coffee Break
  7. Talk
    Ralf Baecker: Performing Complexity
  8. Social Gathering
    Code & Context BA: Conversational Prompts
  9. Closing Address